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July/August 2023

Welcome to Analog Science Fiction and Fact! Featuring award-winning authors, compelling fiction stories, intriguing science fact articles, editorials, news, reviews … Travel to the edges of the universe!

To Fight the Colossus
Adam-Troy Castro

The Jangler
Wil McCarthy

Dandelion Seeds Swirling Over a Manhole
Kenton Yee

Just Another Earth That Fell To Man?
Howard V. Hendrix

Ejected Black Holes and 3-Body Physics
John G. Cramer

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In our first story next issue, “The Apotheosis of Krysalice Wilson” by Howard V. Hendrix, cutting-edge training techniques take a young ice-skater to the peak of her ability . . . and beyond.



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Welcome to Analog Science Fiction and Fact! A lifelong appreciation of science fiction has led me to an incredibly fulfilling career with Analog…

Analog Science Fiction and Fact is the most enduring and popular science fiction magazine in history. Launched in 1930, Analog offers imaginative fiction reflecting the highest standards of scientific accuracy, as well as lively fact articles about current research on the frontiers of real science. A guiding principle for both fiction and provocative opinion columns is the exploration of the impact of science and technology on the human condition.

Meet the pantheon of Analog Science Fiction and Fact authors. In addition to a Who’s Who of outrageously famous writers, you’ll also find short bios of authors in the current issue, in-depth factual articles examining the processes particular authors utilize, and more. Visit often – there’s always something new to discover!

When a humble tinker’s apprentice in a failing colony has a chance at the adventure of a lifetime (or more), it may also mean leaving his home behind to face its fate; what choice can he make? Find out in our lead story next issue, “The Tinker and the Timestream,” by Carolyn Ives Gilman.

Then we present a pair of fact articles for your enjoyment: a deep dive into planetary formation from Kevin Walsh, in “Why are the Keplerians so Different?” as well as a “Big Ideas” piece about extinctions and the Fermi Paradox from Howard Hendrix, “The Passenger Pigeon and the Great Filter.”

And of course we have a bunch of material thematically-appropriate for the April Fool’s Day season, including the answer to a classic SF question in “The House on Infinity Street,” by Allen M. Steele . . .

Practical resources for readers and writers, including the Analog Index, Writer’s Submission Guidelines, upcoming Science Fiction events, News, and more.


To Fight the Colossus
by Adam-Troy Castro

Illustrated by Eldar Zakirov

The aftermath of the great war deposited me on a breathtaking port city called Aeskir, on a dazzling world called Aevii.

This was about as fine a place to end up as I could have hoped. Many thousands of worlds across human space had been scoured of life by the savage conflict that would forever be remembered as Cort’s War, but Aevii had survived intact in large part because all the worst fighting had taken place systems away. It resolved itself, or rather the woman the war was named for found some way to resolve it, long before any of the fires got to Aevii. It made the world much more important, politically, than it had been, and there was already talk after the destruction of New London that this should become the seat of the new alliance that would take over after the fall of the Confederacy. READ MORE


The Jangler
by Wil McCarthy

“I’m going to switch it on now,” the Witch Doctor said. “Are you ready?”

Tobey nodded.

“I need you to affirmatively consent, out loud,” the Witch Doctor said. “For the camera.”

Which was dumb, because Tobey had, over the past five days, signed or initialed or thumb-printed close to a hundred screens worth of forms. His consent was about as affirmative as it could possibly be. He felt his anger rising. READ MORE

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