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Robert R. Chase is a recently retired Army Chief Counsel who has published three novels and dozens of short stories in Analog and Asimov’s. “Decaying Orbit” (Asimov’s October/November 2014) was selected for The Year’s Best Military SF & Space Opera. Since retiring, he has been spending his newly available time writing, traveling, and learning to sail. His current story was inspired by the real and very odd career of John Whiteside Parsons.

Catherine Wells is the author of numerous novels and short stories of speculative fiction, including the AnLab Award-winning Best Novella of 2015, “Builders of Leaf Houses.” For more about her books and short stories, visit

Paul Di Filippo has published some thirty-five books. Last year saw the arrival of his crime novel, The Big Get-Even. He continues to dwell amidst shoggoths and night-gaunts in Providence, Rhode Island.

Nick Wolven’s fiction has appeared in Asimov’s, F&SF, Clarkesworld, and many other publications, and is forthcoming in multiple best-of-the-year anthologies. His personal website is Follow him on Twitter @nickwolven.

Greg Egan’s latest book, Perihelion Summer, was published by in April. A collection of his best short fiction from the last thirty years will be out from Subterranean Press toward the end of the year. “Instantiation” takes place after the events that occurred in the author’s September/October 2018 novella, “3-adica.”

Tom Jolly is a retired astronautical/electrical engineer who now spends his time writing SF and fantasy, designing board games (such as Wiz-War, and Manhattan Project: Energy Empire), and creating obnoxious puzzles. He lives with his wife Penny in Santa Maria, California, in a place where mountain lions and black bears still visit on occasion. You can find more of his stories at

John J. Vester has worked in printing, graphic arts, and as an analyst for California’s State Architect. Now retired, he spends more time hiking in the Sierras and woodworking. A space buff since childhood, John was present at a last Shuttle launch and Spacex’s first launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base. John lives in Rancho Cordova and volunteers for JP Aerospace. After making a minor splash in Analog a long time ago, his Muse has come back from vacation and, to his own surprise, John now has a book looking for a home.

David L Clements is a professional astrophysicist working at Imperial College, London. He mainly works on extragalactic astronomy and observational cosmology, using space-based telescopes from NASA, ESA and JAXA, and observatories around the world. He also has a developing interest in astrobiology. His fiction has previously been published in Analog, Nature, Clarkesworld, Shoreline of Infinity and numerous anthologies. His first short story collection, Disturbed Universes, was published in 2016. He has also written about his scientific work in Infrared Astronomy: Seeing the Heat.

Buzz Dixon is a writer/editor/publisher-packager with a career spanning from the animation classics of the 1970s and 80s (Thundarr the Barbarian, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Batman, Tiny Toons) to comics (Tales of Terror, She-Hulk) to feature films (Dark Planet, Terror in Paradise, G.I. Joe: the Movie) to video games (Terminator III) to graphic novels (Hits & Misses and the Serenity Christian manga series).  More currently he has written two novels, The Most Dangerous Man in the World:  The Lost Classic G.I. Joe Episode and the upcoming Poor Banished Children of Eve, a YA adventure. 

Leo Vladimirsky works in advertising and has created campaigns for clients as varied as IKEA, YouTube, The Kennedy Space Center, and XBOX. His fiction has been in F&SF, Boing Boing, Welcome to Dystopia, and Interzone. He is working on his second novel. You can find his work at

Phoebe North, a graduate of the University of Florida’s MFA program in poetry, is the critically acclaimed author of Starglass and Starbreak. A new novel will be forthcoming from HarperCollins/Balzer + Bray in 2020. Writing from a home in the Hudson Valley, they also enjoy gardening, spending time with family, listening to obscure music on outdated formats, and fighting off the fear of death by curating an astonishingly comprehensive social media presence. Follow North on Instagram at

Dan Reade lives in southern California with his amazing spouse and what is objectively the world’s cutest dog. He teaches writing and literature at Norco College.

Robert Scherrer is a physics professor at Vanderbilt University, where he does research in cosmology. His short fiction has appeared in Analog and Nature Futures, and he is also the author of a (sadly, out of print) quantum mechanics textbook. He does not actually believe in the many-worlds hypothesis, and neither do any of his counterparts in the other quantum mechanical worlds.

Freya Marske writes kissing books full of swords, magic, fancy clothes, and heists. She lives in Canberra, Australia, and her hobbies include figure skating and discovering new art galleries. She is on a quest to try all the gin in the world. You can find her having opinions on Twitter (@freyamarske), or as one-third of the Be The Serpent podcast along with two other red-headed Slytherin authors. Her website is

Leah Cypess is the author of four young adult fantasy novels, starting with Mistwood, and of numerous short stories. She currently lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, with her family. You can learn more about her and her writing at

Steve Rasnic Tem is a past winner of the Bram Stoker, World Fantasy, and British Fantasy Awards. He’s published over 430 short stories with the best collected in Figures Unseen: Selected Stories (Valancourt 2018).

Alison Wilgus is a Brooklyn-based writer for comics and prose, the most recent of which is “Flying Machines: How the Wright Brothers Soared,” a guide to the history of early aviation and the physics of flight. She’s currently working on “The Mars Challenge,” which details the difficulties and potential future of human spaceflight, and “Chronin,” a historical science fiction duology about time-traveling undergraduates. She tweets as @AliWilgus and you can find many of her comics and stories at

Julie Novakova is a Czech author and translator of science fiction, fantasy, and detective stories. She has published short fiction in Clarkesworld, Asimov’s, Fantasy Scroll and other magazines and anthologies. Her work in Czech includes seven novels, one anthology (“Terra Nullius”) and over thirty short stories and novelettes. Some of her works have been also translated into Chinese, Romanian, and Estonian. She received the Encouragement Award of the European science fiction and fantasy society in 2013, the Aeronautilus award for the best Czech short story of 2014 and 2015, and for the best novel of 2015. Julie is an evolutionary biologist by study and also takes a keen interest in planetary science. She’s currently working on her first novel in English. Read more at and follow her on Twitter @Julianne_SF.

Joe M. McDermott is the author of nine books including The Fortress at the End of Time, We Leave Together, and Straggletaggle. Find him at patreon at for original stories and poems.

Eric James Stone has appeared eleven times in Analog, including his May 2010 novelette “That Leviathan, Whom Thou Hast Made,” which won a Nebula Award and was nominated for a Hugo. His novel Unforgettable was published in 2016 by Baen Books. You can find him on the web (, on Twitter (@EricJamesStone), and on Facebook (

C. Stuart Hardwick is a Writers of the Future winner and three-time Jim Baen Award finalist who’s been published in Analog, Galaxy’s Edge, and Mental Floss, among others. A southerner from South Dakota, Stuart grew up creating radio dramas and animated shorts before moving on to robots and ill-conceived flying machines. He’s worked with the creators of the video game Doom, married an aquanaut, and trained his dog to pull a sled. Stuart studied writing at U.C. Berkeley, lives in Houston, and has been known to wear a cape. For more information and a free signed e-sampler, visit

Ken Poyner’s latest collection of short, wiry fiction, “Constant Animals,” and his latest collections of poetry—”Victims of a Failed Civics” and “The Book of Robot”—can be obtained from Barking Moose Press, at, or Amazon or Sundial Books at He often serves as strange, bewildering eye-candy at his wife’s power lifting affairs. His poetry of late has been sunning in Analog, Asimov’s, Poet Lore, The Kentucky Review; and his fiction has yowled in Spank the Carp, Red Truck, Café Irreal, Bellows American Review. His personal web can be found at



Don Sakers is the author of Meat and Machine, Elevenses, and the Rule of Five serial at For more information, visit

John G. Cramer’s new book describing his transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics, The Quantum Handshake—Entanglement, Nonlocality, and Transactions, (Springer, January 2016) is available online as a printed or eBook at: book/9783319246406. His hard SF novels, Twistor and Einstein’s Bridge, are available as eBooks from the Book View Café co-op at: and electronic reprints of over 178 “The Alternate View” columns are available online at:

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