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Christopher L. Bennett has been an Analog author since 1998. “Conventional Powers” is his twelfth appearance in the magazine, and the fourth tale of the Troubleshooters following Only Superhuman (Tor, 2012), “Aspiring to Be Angels” in Among the Wild Cybers (eSpec Books, 2018), and “The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of” in Footprints in the Stars (eSpec, 2019). His other work includes Pocket Books’ Star Trek: Enterprise Rise of the Federation series and Star Trek: The Original Series The Captain’s Oath, and his Hub stories for Analog are collected in two volumes from Mystique Press.

Mario Milosevic’s stories and poems have appeared in Asimov’s, F&SF, Interzone, Escape Pod, Hitchcock’s, and many others. His novels include Kyle’s War, The Last Giant, and The Coma Monologues. This is his first appearance in Analog. He lives in the desert Southwest of the United States with his wife, writer Kim Antieau.

Edward M. Lerner is the author of the InterstellarNet series and many standalone SF novels, and coauthor of the Fleet of Worlds series. His 2015 novel InterstellarNet: Enigma won the inaugural Canopus Award “honoring excellence in interstellar writing.” His fiction has also been nominated for Locus, Prometheus, and Hugo awards. In addition, he writes about science and SF, most notably Trope-ing the Light Fantastic: The Science Behind the Fiction (2018). Lerner’s authorial web site is

Allen M. Steele seems to be making a sideline of going to interesting places and delivering speeches related to the history of science fiction. His most recent engagement was in Beijing, where he was a Guest of Honor at APsfcon 2019, a major Pacific Rim science fiction convention.

Brenda Kalt’s fiction has appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Galaxy’s Edge, and Daily Science Fiction, among other publications. Her career includes stints as a library assistant, technical writer, and software tester. She was born in Arkansas and lives with her husband and cat in central North Carolina.

Guy Stewart is a husband, father (regular, in-law, foster, and grand), science teacher, and school counselor. His blog is called Possibly Irritating Essays where he offers up his opinions and his WIP for comment. His credits are other stories in Analog, Cast of Wonders, Shoreline of Infinity, Cricket, Stupefying Stories, Nanoism, and once he had an essay in The Writer. He also got to create experiments for episodes of the PBS science show Newton’s Apple, and The New Explorers—for which he became the Science Museum of Minnesota’s Teacher of the Year.

Adam-Troy Castro has twenty-six books to date including four Spider-Man novels, three novels about Andrea Cort, and six middle-grade, dimension-spanning adventures of young Gustav Gloom. Adam’s darker short fiction for grownups is highlighted by his collection, Her Husband’s Hands And Other Stories (Prime Books). He has won numerous awards and lives in Florida with his wife Judi and either three or four cats, depending on whether Gilbert’s escaped this week.

Julie Novakova is an award-winning Czech author of science fiction and detective stories. She published seven novels, one anthology, one story collection and over thirty short pieces in Czech. She started publishing short stories in English in 2013 and her work has appeared in Analog, Clarkesworld, Asimov’s, and other magazines and anthologies. Some of her works have been translated into Chinese, Romanian, Estonian, Filipino, German, and Portuguese, and she acts as a translator of Czech stories into English (appearing in, Strange Horizons, F&SF). She also edited an anthology of Czech speculative fiction in translation, titled Dreams From Beyond. Julie is a recipient of the European fandom’s Encouragement Award and several Czech genre awards. She’s also active in science outreach, education and nonfiction writing. She is currently a PhD student of evolutionary biology at the Charles University in Prague. Follow her on Twitter @Julianne_SF, Facebook or website

Phoebe Barton’s work has appeared in Analog ten times now, but every time it feels—if you’ll pardon the pun—astounding. She writes stories about isolation, starships, and queer women making their way through the world. Right now she’s writing “The Tunnel Crew,” a work of interactive fiction, for Choice of Games. She lives with a small robot and a smaller cactus in an apartment in the sky above Toronto. Visit her online at or on Twitter at @aphoebebarton.

Brendan DuBois is the New York Times bestselling author of twenty-two novels and more than 170 short stories. He’s currently working on a series of novels with bestselling author James Patterson. His short fiction has appeared in Playboy, Analog, Asimov’s, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, and numerous anthologies. He is the author of the Dark Victory series, published by Baen, and his novel Ressurection Day won the Sidewise Award for Best Alternative History Novel. His stories have thrice won him the Shamus Award from the Private Eye Writers of America, and have also earned him three MWA Edgar Allan Poe Award nominations. He is also a “Jeopardy!” game show champion.

Antha Ann Adkins lives in Friendswood, Texas, with her husband, cats, and an ever-growing collection of books. Her stories have been published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, the Athena’s Daughters 2 anthology, and several other publications. She blogs about space and aliens, her favorite things to write about, at

Christian Monson graduated with a BA in English and German, after which he was a Fulbright Fellow in Germany. See more of his work at

Tony Ballantyne is the author of the Penrose and Recursion series of novels as well as many acclaimed short stories that have appeared in magazines and anthologies around the world. He has been nominated for the BSFA and Philip K Dick awards.

Marie Bilodeau is an Ottawa-based author and storyteller. Her speculative fiction has won several awards and has been translated into French (Les Éditions Alire) and Chinese (SF World). Her short stories have appeared in various anthologies and magazines, like Amazing Stories. Marie is also a storyteller and has told stories across Canada in theaters, tea shops, at festivals and under disco balls. She’s a huge caffeine and Godzilla fan, and an event manager by trade. Find out more at

Joe M. McDermott is the author of nine books including The Fortress at the End of Time, We Leave Together, and Straggletaggle. Find him at patreon at for original stories and poems.

Jennifer R. Povey lives in Northern Virginia with her husband. She writes a variety of speculative fiction, whilst following current affairs and occasionally indulging in horse riding and role-playing games. She has sold fiction to a number of markets including Analog, Daily Science Fiction, and Third Flatiron, and written RPG supplements for several companies. Her most recent novel is the urban fantasy Daughter of Fire.

Michael F. Flynn debuted in Analog with “Slan Libh” (11/84) and has contributed regularly ever since. His stories have been nominated for the Hugo Award seven times, most recently for “The Journeyman: In the Stone House” and won the Theodore Sturgeon Award for “House of Dreams.” He won the first Robert A. Heinlein medal for his body of work. His twelve novels include the four-volume Firestar series and the four-volume Spiral Arm series as well as the Hugo-nominated Eifelheim and the critically acclaimed The Wreck of the River of Stars. His third collection, Captive Dreams, includes three Analog stories and three new stories written for the collection. He is currently working on The Journeyman, a picaresque novel, and The Shipwrecks of Time, set in the alien world of 1965 Milwaukee.

Ron Collins has been contributing to Analog for over fifteen years. Stealing the Sun, his six-book space-faring series, was originally conceived as a short story of the same title that appeared in Analog’s pages. You can find it through links on his web site: His fantasy series Saga of the God-Touched Mage reached #1 on Amazon’s bestselling dark fantasy list in the UK, #2 in the U.S. His short fiction has received a Writers of the Future prize and a CompuServe HOMer. His short story “The White Game” was nominated for the Short Mystery Fiction Society’s 2016 Derringer Award.

Norman Spinrad has been publishing novels stories for over half a century and has not had a nine-to-five salaried job since 1965. In addition to some 25 novels and 100 stories, he has written two produced feature films, the classic Star Trek episode “The Doomsday Machine,” film criticism, political commentary, and about three decades of literary criticism for Asimov’s. Recently published novels are The People’s Police and Osama The Gun. Written songs, sang them for money, have not given up day job though. Now living in Paris with Dona Sadock.

Sean Vivier is a web app developer from central Connecticut who moonlights as a ballroom dance instructor and a writer of science fiction and fantasy. He is not a workaholic. He can stop working any time he likes. You can learn more about him and read more of his work at

Martin L. Shoemaker is a programmer who writes on the side . . . or maybe it’s the other way around. Programming pays the bills, but a second-place story in the Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest earned him lunch with Buzz Aldrin. Besides many stories in Analog (including his fan-favorite Aldrin Express series), his work has appeared in Galaxy’s Edge, Digital Science Fiction, Forever Magazine, and Writers of the Future 31. His novel Today I Am Carey is available from Baen. His novel The Last Dance, featuring Captain Nick Aames of the Aldrin Express, will be published by 47North in November 2019.


Don Sakers is the author of Meat and Machine, Elevenses, and the Rule of Five serial at For more information, visit

John G. Cramer’s new book describing his transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics, The Quantum Handshake—Entanglement, Nonlocality, and Transactions, (Springer, January 2016) is available online as a printed or eBook at: book/9783319246406. His hard SF novels, Twistor and Einstein’s Bridge, are available as eBooks from the Book View Café co-op at: and electronic reprints of over 178 “The Alternate View” columns are available online at:


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