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“Ganny Goes to War” by David Gerrold
David Gerrold is the author of over 50 books, hundreds of articles and columns, and over a dozen television episodes. He is a classic sci-fi writer that will go down in history as having created some of the most popular and redefining scripts, books, and short stories in the genre. TV credits include episodes from Star Trek (“The Trouble With Tribbles” and “The Cloud Minders”), Star Trek Animated (“More Tribbles, More Troubles” and “Bem”), Babylon 5 (“Believers”), Twilight Zone (“A Day In Beaumont” and “A Saucer Of Loneliness”), Land Of The Lost (“Cha-Ka,” “The Sleestak God,” “Hurricane,” “Possession,” and “Circle”), Tales From The Darkside (“Levitation” and “If The Shoes Fit”), Logan’s Run (“Man Out Of Time”), and others. 

“Enough” by William Ledbetter
William Ledbetter is a Nebula Award winning author with three novels and more than seventy speculative fiction short stories and non-fiction articles published in five languages, in publications such as Asimov’s, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Analog, Escape Pod, and the SFWA blog. He’s been a space and technology geek since childhood and spent most of his non-writing career in the aerospace industry. He is a member of SFWA and the National Space Society. He lives near Dallas with his wife, a needy dog and three spoiled cats.

“Brood Parasitism” by Auston Habershaw
Auston Habershaw is a science fiction and fantasy author from Boston, Massachusetts. His short fiction has appeared in many venues, including F&SF, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and of course Analog. His fantasy series, The Saga of the Redeemed, is published through Harper Voyager and be found anywhere fine e-books are sold. Find him online at He is not, so far as any of you know, a shape-shifter himself.

“Daisy and Maisie, External Hull Maintenance Experts” by Sean Monaghan
Sean Monaghan studied creative writing at the University of Queensland, but now resides back in his hometown in provincial New Zealand. His stories have previously appeared in Analog as well as Asimov’s and at Preparing to complete his Karnish River Navigations SF series of twelve novels in 2024, he’s recently opened his own online store so readers can buy directly from him. 

“A Long Journey into Light” by Deborah L. Davitt
Deborah L. Davitt was raised in Nevada, but currently lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and son. She’s worked as a technical writer on contracts involving nuclear submarines, NASA, and computer manufacturing. Her prize-winning poetry has received Rhysling, Dwarf Star, and Pushcart nominations and has appeared in over fifty journals, including F&SF and Asimov’s. Her short fiction has appeared in Analog and Galaxy’s Edge. For more about her work, including her Edda-Earth novels and her poetry collections, The Gates of Never and Bounded by Eternity, please see

“Mariposa de Hierro” by Matt McHugh
Matt McHugh was born in suburban Pennsylvania, attended LaSalle University in Philadelphia, and after a few years as a Manhattanite, currently calls New Jersey home. His fiction has appeared in Analog, The First Line, and Clinch: A Martial Arts Literary Magazine. His story “Burners” won the 2019 Jim Baen Memorial Award and “Jennifer Gives Her Heart to Radioland” is PARSEC’s 2021 Short Story Contest winner. In 2022, he was a grant finalist for The Speculative Literature Foundation.

“A Reclamation of Beavers” by Romie Stott
Romie Stott is an award-winning editor at Strange Horizons, best known for her articles in Atlas Obscura, the short story “A Robot Walks into a Bar,” and the funny but gruesome “Birthday Song.” As a narrative filmmaker Romie Faienza, her work has been screened at art museums and festivals around the world. As a musician, she is half of the electronica duo Stopwalk. Her first novel, Nothing in the Basement, is forthcoming from Dybbuk Press. You can follow Romie’s projects at, meet her at SF conventions in Massachusetts, or look for performances of her new musical, The Lady Takes the Mic, in New York City. By day, she is a closed captioner of live television.

“GAB” by Adam-Troy Castro
Adam-Troy Castro’s 27 books include four Spider-Man novels, three novels about his profoundly damaged far-future murder investigator Andrea Cort, and six novels about the adventures of that extraordinary little boy, Gustav Gloom.  His most recent publication is the audio collection My Wife Hates Time Travel And Other Stories, thirteen hours of his best short work from Skyboat Media. Adam’s works have won the Seiun and the Philip K. Dick Award, and been nominated for two Hugos, three Stokers, eight Nebulas, and one World Fantasy Award. He lives in Florida.

“The Days of Empire Are Over” by Alan Molumby
Alan Molumby writes science fiction and fantasy about alien worlds and ways that life might be different on them. Trained in ecology and evolutionary biology, he is an associate professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago. This is the first time his fiction has been published in the pages of Analog.

“Ramanujan’s Goddess” by Naim Kabir
Naim Kabir has bounced between neuroscience, machine learning, and software engineering—but his first love was telling stories. He’s been lucky enough to appear in Clarkesworld and Seize the Press Magazine, and he’s been featured on the Locus Recommended Reading List. You can catch past pieces at or follow @kabircreates to see new ones—and you can certainly expect new ones. Feedback welcome.

“Bereti’s Spiral” by Kedrick Brown
Kedrick Brown, now residing in Cambridge, MA, is a trader and inventor who believes in the power of stories to inspire amazing forms of human cooperation. He had the good fortune of seeing several episodes of Star Trek in Liberia growing up, which later helped inspire him to major in physics. More recently, he has been amazed by astrophotography triumphs ranging from Hubble’s high-definition panoramic view of the Andromeda galaxy to the James Webb Space Telescope’s first deep field image of galaxy cluster SMACS 0723. Kedrick debuted in science fiction with the story “The Actor,” winner of the inaugural Analog Award for Emerging Black Voices. 

“Potential Spam” by Karen Heuler
Karen Heuler’s stories have appeared in over 120 publications. Her latest novel, The Splendid City, came out from Angry Robot Books in 2022.

“Return on Investment” by J.W. Armstrong
W. Armstrong worked as a radio astronomer and radio scientist. He was a radio science investigator on NASA’s Galileo, Mars Observer, Mars Global Surveyor, and Cassini missions. This is his first story in Analog. He has previously published short stories in Nature Futures and Daily Science Fiction.

“Decision Trees” by John McNeil
John McNeil writes science fiction stories that merge ideas from ecology, philosophy, social science, and technology with the quiet struggles of life. His work has appeared in Clarkesworld Magazine, 365 Tomorrows, Ab Terra Flash Fiction, and Analog. Visit for more.

“Undertow” by Gregor Hartman
Despite his shrinking brain, Gregor Hartmann still manages to write science fiction stories. Now, if only he could remember where he left his reading glasses…

“Define the Color Blue” by Ron Collins
Ron Collins is a prolific author who writes across the spectrum of speculative fiction. His science fiction series, Stealing the Sun, and his fantasy series, Glamour of the God-Touched, have been bestsellers. He has published numerous short stories in Analog, Asimov’s, and the Fiction River anthology series. His short fiction received a Writers of the Future prize and has been nominated for the Short Mystery Fiction Society’s Derringer Award. With his daughter, Brigid, he edited the anthology Face the Strange. His latest books are Home Run Enchanted, and Curveball Cursed, also written with his daughter. Find his website at 

“Genetic Memory. Clones, and Epigenetics” by Kelly Lagor
Kelly Lagor is a scientist by day and speculative fiction writer by night. Her fiction and nonfiction have appeared in places like Analog, Asimov’s,, and Uncanny. You can keep up with her and her work on her website:, or on various social media places as @klagor.

“AI Media Vs. Human Imagination: Deathmatch?” by Brian Gifford (Guest Editorial)
Brian Gifford is a 25-year military veteran and the proud father of three amazing boys. The product of computer geeks, he was raised in an environment that promoted the free exchange of ideas and opinions, so long as it was understood that his mother was always right. He continues the tradition to this day with his wife, at great cost to his hairline. Brian’s SF novel The Dark Bringing is forthcoming and several short stories published.

“Alternate View: Defending Against Killer Asteroids” by John G. Cramer
John G. Cramer’s 2016 nonfiction book describing his transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics, The Quantum Handshake—Entanglement, Nonlocality, and Transactions, (Springer, January 2016) is available online as a hardcover or eBook at: or Editions of John’s hard SF novels Twistor and Einstein’s Bridge are available online at: and Electronic reprints of 207 or more “The Alternate View” columns written by John G. Cramer and previously published in Analog are currently available online at:

The Reference Library by Rosemary Claire Smith
Rosemary Claire Smith has worked as a field archaeologist, union leader, and election lawyer. Over the years, Analog has published her alternate histories, time-travel tales, and other science fiction stories, as well as several guest editorials and book review columns. Rosemary has also written fantasy, horror and an interactive adventure game, T-Rex Time Machine. Her stories and essays also appear in Amazing Stories, Fantastic Stories, and other periodicals and anthologies. Follow her on-line:; Rosemary Claire Smith on Facebook; and across social media @RCWordsmith to find out what else she is up to.

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