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The Science Behind the Story

Writers often really sweat over the details in their stories, spending a great deal of time researching and developing complex backgrounds – firmly grounded in science, of course. In fact, Analog authors often find and/or invent far more fascinating material than can be smoothly incorporated into the story itself.

Since it would be a shame to let these details stay in a virtual closet, some of our authors have graciously shared their “behind-the-scenes” work. Peel back the curtain and learn more about the science behind some of our stories and how the stories grew out of it.

The Skeekit-Woogle Test
by Carl Frederick

“I will simply remark – First, that the existence of the colour associations with sound is fully as remarkable as that of the Number-Form with numbers. Secondly, that the vowel sounds chiefly evoke them. Thirdly, that the seers are invariably most minute in their description of the precise tint and hue of the colours.They are never satisfied, for instance, with saying “blue”, but will take a great deal of trouble to express or to match the particular blue they mean. Fourthly, that no two people agree, or hardly ever do so, as to the colour they associate with the same sound. Lastly that the tendency is very hereditary.” READ MORE

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