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Welcome to Analog Science Fiction and Fact!

A lifelong appreciation of science fiction has led me to an incredibly fulfilling career with Analog, and I'm proud to carry on the magazine's long-standing tradition of publishing the world's finest science fiction and fact.

During my tenure at Analog, I've had the profound privilege of working with hundreds of authors, editors, TV producers, and many other notables in the science fiction field. As the editor of the longest-running SF publication in history, my personal mandate is to continue to provide the top-quality, ground-breaking hard science fiction that has characterized Analog since its launch. Welcome!

- Trevor Quachri


About the Editor

Trevor Quachri has been the Editor of the Hugo Award winning magazine, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, since 2012.

Prior to taking over the reins at Analog, Trevor's editorial skills were honed working with Stanley Schmidt (Analog Editor 1978-2012), Sheila Williams (Asimov's Science Fiction Editor 2004-present), and Gardner Dozois (Asimov's Editor 1986-2004). He brings to Analog a unique and reverent perspective on SF. In addition to his lifelong love of science fiction, Trevor draws upon his diverse past experiences – on Broadway, on special museum projects involving rigorous scientific data analysis, on collaboratively producing a pilot for a SF-based television show – to continue Analog's storied tradition of ground-breaking hard science fiction.

This Issue's Editorial

A Conspiracy of Dunces by Trevor Quachri

Back in the halcyon days of 1999, when I first started working at Analog and Asimov’s, there was a growing number of people who saw the potential of the Internet beyond AOL and the list-serves and bulletin boards that it mostly consisted of at that point. They prognosticated and pontificated; advocated for and gave talks describing how, among other things, the Internet would one day be The Great Democratizer. It would make a single person’s voice as powerful as the voices of the biggest news organizations, the biggest media outlets; as worthy as the stodgiest gatekeepers, the most patronizing experts, the most entrenched authorities.2 As it turns out, they got what they wished for. Unfortunately, they got it in the worst possible way.3

Voices have been democratized, and now we find ourselves drowning in record levels of nonsense, non-science, flat-out lies, and yes, fake news, spread by the gullible, the ignorant, the trolls, and the agents provocateur. One person’s opinion is too often seen as having even footing with established fact; a conspiracy without a shred of proof is as good as randomized, double blind trials published in peer-reviewed journals. They may vary in scope or subject, but they're all part of the same beast, situated on a continuum from snout to ass, and maybe the most unbelievable of them all is the resurgence of that old eye-roller, the Flat Earth conspiracy. ...


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