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Story Excerpts

The Elephant Maker
by Alec Nevala-Lee

He made the king who taketh pleasure in his kingdom, he made elephants and horses for his array . . . Wealth made he from which cometh pride; he made longings which none can satisfy.

—Malik Muhammad Jayasi

*   *   *

He had been on the run for a long time. At first, he drove himself ever forward, going deeper into the forest, aware of nothing but the need to keep moving. Much later, he realized that he had somehow circled back, returning to the places that he had known in his youth, although he knew that this would only bring him closer to the men who were trying to kill him. READ MORE


Illustrated by Tomislav Tikulin

The Battle of Wanakena
by Meghan Hyland

I gather most of you came to hear me tell about Miss Luna and Free the Plastic Man, back when those two met in battle on the shores of Cranberry Lake. And some brought your littles to learn about the ferafay and how it swept through country towns like ours. Maybe a handful want to hear about Rupert’s Ghost, too, trapped way up there in Haven. 

I promise we’ll get to all that. Til then, try and be patient. My story starts humble, with a farmer, and a pony, and a trip to the market to sell potatoes. READ MORE


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