by Nelson Adrian Blish


On the cusp of night and day,
of waking and sleeping, dreaming minds
wander freely—aware of self yet not
awake or ready to rouse the body.

Free from the dogged daytime duties
of guiding the body from here to there,
closing doors and opening; unaware,
semiconscious in a nether world

untethered in time and space
and sequential thinking,
connecting dots collected
and detritus unconnected: why

his wife would not talk
to you at his daughter’s party; why
you deflect questions with a question; why
he was at your house when I was out of town.

A dimension wherein might-have-been
intersects a reality of what is and never
was at an angle—a tesseract in time,
a parallel in which you had lived.


Copyright © 2019 by Nelson Adrian Blish


Featured Poet of the Month Nelson Adrian Blish

Nelson Adrian Blish is the author of The Taking of the King, published by Penguin Books, and Ishmael’s Son, published by The Glencannon Press. A screenplay adaptation of Taking the King won Best Screenplay at the New Hope Film Festival. His poems and stories have appeared in Le Mot Just, The Lyric, New Millennium, Desperate Act, HazMat, Art Times, Voices International, Small Brushes and Oberon.
His short movie, Turnabout, won Best Director at the Chautauqua Film Festival and he is the co-produced of Gordy Hoffman’s short movie, Dog Bowl, and executive producer of the feature length indie film, Like the Spider.

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