How to Go Twelfth

by Mary Soon Lee

for Valentina Tereshkova

Know your place, a woman's place,
eleven paces behind the men
who lead the way.

Know your duty, know how to shine
without ever diminishing
what they did.

Orbit the Earth forty-eight times,
alone, your stomach queasy,
but that view—

that vast untrammeled revelation—
as unequaled, as uneclipsed
as you yourself.

Copyright © 2020 by Mary Soon Lee


Featured Poet of the Month  Mary Soon Lee

Mary Soon Lee was born and raised in London, but now lives in Pittsburgh. Her short stories have appeared in Analog, F&SF, Interzone, Lightspeed, and several Year's Best anthologies. She has won the Elgin Award and the Rhysling Award for her poetry, and, in August 2017, had 119 haiku in Science, one for each element of the periodic table. She has an antiquated website at http://www.marysoonlee.com.

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