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Gather here to meet the Who's Who of Analog Science Fiction and Fact authors. Learn about our writers and what makes them tick through bios, articles, and more. Visit often – you never know what you'll unearth!

Who's Who

Since its launch in 1930, Analog (first published as Astounding) has been home to the most notable authors in science fiction, as well as to the writers of outstanding science-fact articles, book reviews, editorials, op-ed pieces, the creators of provocative cover art, and more.  See who has appeared in our pages.

Authors In This Issue

Entertaining short-stories taking place throughout the galaxy? Check. In-depth, fact-based articles firmly grounded on science in this issue? Check. Written by the world's most talented science-fiction authors? Check! See who is appearing in this issue.

Featured Author

We routinely feature short biographical sketches of talented Analog authors. Stop in frequently – you never know what you'll find!

The Astounding Analog Companion

The Astounding Analog Companion, where authors grant insight into their writing influences, scientific interests, and much more. Check out the blog!

The Science Behind the Story

Writers often really sweat over the details in their stories, spending a great deal of time researching and developing complex backgrounds – firmly grounded in science, of course. In fact, Analog authors often find and/or invent far more fascinating material than can be smoothly incorporated into the story itself. Get the inside scoop. 


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