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Truta and Pilta
Shane Tourtellotte

The Mercy of the Sandsea
T. L. Huchu

In Perpetuity
Bruce Boston

Environmental Tanstaafl
Richard A. Lovett

Advanced Waves Detected
John G. Cramer 


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Our September/October issue arrives as summer begins to wind down and fall begins to creep in through the cracks, and we have stories to suit both moods. 

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By the end of the events of “The Malady” by Shane Tourtellotte (November/December 2021), readers saw a huge mystery solved, but those answers also brought new questions to light: who was responsible and why? And perhaps most importantly: what next? Well, our lead novella for next issue, “Truta and Pilta,” can answer that last matter at least: a space race.

Practical resources for readers and writers, including the Analog Index, Writer’s Submission Guidelines, upcoming Science Fiction events, News, and more.

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An Inside Look

Truta and Pilta

by Shane Tourtellotte

Characters from “Truta and Pilta” appeared previously in “The Malady” (November/December 2021).

*   *   *

Year Fifty-Nine

When you have achieved your dream, what happens next?

Meil-Vess Hfue Nahf had always dreamed of flying, through the air and through space. It was natural for the daughter of a man who had flown in the Rational War, then built rockets for the post-war space program of the Ustell Republic. She did the first while still an adolescent. Now, with plenty of his help, she had achieved the second.

She was at Outpost One on Truta, the inner moon of Yehf. The idea had been a mad dream fifty years ago, then a seeming inevitability twenty years ago, then apparently foreclosed for a long, terrifying decade. READ MORE


The Mercy of the Sandsea

by T. L. Huchu

The sandsea’s ever churning by the U’mtabi docks, crashing against the concrete barriers holding the waves at bay. Sounds like a rattle, infinite grains of pavalinite swishing and hissing. Panganai working the nightshift doesn’t hear it anymore. He tunes out and turns up his collar against the constant fine spray wafting through the air. Without the respirator he’s wearing, his lungs would soon be filled with cement. He knows; he’s seen men executed kneeling by the sandsea, gasping for breath as the fine sediment solidified in their lungs. Gets in the eyes too, hence the goggles he wears, but Panganai can’t do anything about the layers in his hair and on his clothes. READ MORE


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