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Our lead story next issue won’t need any introduction for long-time readers: it’s “Minnie and Earl Have a Kitten,” by Adam-Troy Castro. The title says it all . . . or, almost, because what it doesn’t say is that some long-running mysteries are finally solved! If you know, you know. Newbies and long-time fans alike won’t want to miss it!

On the nonfiction end of things, biologist Kelly Lagor looks at the Neanderthal in science fiction, in “Unfutured Race.” We also have an installment of Edward M. Wysocki’s ongoing series of special features about the impact Astounding authors have had on the world around us; in this case, he asks: “Finding the Enemy: Did Doc Smith Inspire the CIC?”

And of course we have many more stories, like an SFnal take on a classic mystery format in “Carter’s Refugio,” from Hayden Trenholm; the navigation of knotty labor practices among humans and non-humans alike in Tom R. Pike’s “The Compromise”; jobs and technology adapting to our changing environment in “Firegrounds” by Jen Downes; an alien AI’s First Contact with humans in Mark W. Tiedemann’s “The Transitive Property of Names”; James Van Pelt channeling his inner John Updike in “The Circumambulation,” and much more, from Wil McCarthy, Meghan Hyland, Tony Ballantyne, Kedrick Brown, and others, plus all our regular columns and features.

Look for our September/October 2024 issue on sale at newsstands on August 13, 2024. Or subscribe to Analog Science Fiction and Fact in print or in a wide variety of digital formats.

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