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When political tensions aboard an astronomical exploratory vessel run high, it’s a tense situation. But when that same vessel discovers a mysterious alien artifact and it’s revealed that not everyone on board is who they say they are, it becomes a powder keg. Find out what happens next, in our July/August lead story, “Vault,” from Robert R. Chase. 

Our fact article for the issue is a bit different: a little like a traditional fact piece and a little bit of an essay, C. Stuart Hardwick brings us “Do We Still Need NASA? The Agency and Its Future in the Era of Commercial Space.” 

Then we have a cosmic mystery on the largest possible scale in “The Slipway,” by Greg Egan, and you’ll also find a truckload of tricky time travel tales, such as “Monarch of the Feast,” by Paul Di Filippo; “All Tomorrow’s Parties” by Phoebe North; “The Babbage Tour,” by Leo Vladimirsky; and “A Wonderful Thing to Say” by Dan Reade, as well as a tale of Augmented Reality gone horribly wrong in Nick Wolven’s “The Eyes of Alton Arnhauser”; a science-fictional take on a fairy-tale in Freya Marske’s “What We Named the Needle”; and a crime with an impossible murder weapon in Tom Jolly’s “Shooting Stars,” plus stories from Catherine Wells, Robert Scherrer, Joe M. McDermott, Julie Novakova, Alison Wilgus, Eric James Stone, Steve Rasnic Tem, John Vester, Buzz Dixon, David L. Clements, and Leah Cypess, as well as all our regular ongoing (and outstanding) columns.

Look for our July/August 2019 issue on sale at newsstands on June 18, 2019. Or subscribe to Analog Science Fiction & Fact in print or in a wide variety of digital formats.

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