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About Analog

Analog Science Fiction and Fact Magazine continues to bring together celebrated authors, new talent, and award-winning stories, poems, and articles, as it has since its launch in 1930. Originally published as Astounding Stories of Science Fiction, Analog remains the unparalleled literary magazine in the genre, and rewards readers with realistic stories that reflect both the highest standards of scientific accuracy and the far reaches of the imagination, as well as lively articles about current research on the cutting edge of science.

Have you ever wondered where Anne McCaffrey’s dragons first took flight? Where the great desert planet Dune – and its essential interstellar spice – was first chronicled? Where Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game first appeared in print? Analog has published over 60 Hugo and Nebula award-winning stories from the most prominent SF authors in the world. READ MORE

From its storied beginning as Astounding in 1930, through an evolving editorial emphasis on the “science” in “science fiction” that dictated its modern Analog title, Analog has received over 75 awards! READ MORE

Journey through the history of Analog via its iconic covers!

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