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July/August 2017

We kick off our July/August issue by checking in on Captain Nick Ames and his crew, last seen in “Racing to Mars,” September 2015, by Martin Shoemaker. When a routine mission goes off the rails, it’s more than just a matter of shipboard politics: lives are at stake, and people will die if they go too far, or “Not Far Enough.”

Then we have the kind of fact article that we only pull off all too rarely: H. G. Stratmann gives us a look at the science behind Stanley Schmidt’s story in this very issue, “The Final Nail.”

We also have fiction ranging from “Across the Streaming Sea,” an adventure that perfectly embodies Clarke’s Law, by Rob Chilson; to a story of the bond between a captain and his ship in Brian Trent’s “Galleon”; a follow-up to Maggie Clark’s “Seven Ways of Looking at the Sun-Worshippers of Yul-Katan,” in “Belly Up”; and an almost-could-have-happened-this-way tale of early space travel, “For All Mankind,” from C. Stuart Hardwick.

There’s also a slew of short pieces from such folks as Andrew Barton, Tom Easton, Tim McDaniel, Robert R. Chase, Ron Collins, Kyle Kirkland, Aubry Kae Andersen, Edward M. Lerner, Eve Warren, Holly Schofield, Uncle River, and Howard V. Hendrix, as well as an awesome array of compelling columns.

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Not Far Enough

by Martin L. Shoemaker

“Carver!” the captain shouted through the comm. Lander 2 bucked and dove in the Martian turbulence. A rumble like distant thunder sounded through the hull. “Pick that nose up. Fight that wind. Use some juice if you have to! I don’t want to scrape you all off of Mars." READ MORE


For All Mankind

by C. Stuart Hardwick

It must have been a hell of a sight, our mighty Saturn V gleaming in the work lights, fumes waving like the Stars and Stripes thirty-six stories over the Cosmodrome. I never saw it myself. I only saw scissor-crossed shadows rolling past the gantry lift and a flash of twilight where the breeze fluffed the camo shrouds against the companionway. READ MORE


A Theory of Gravity

by Howard V. Hendrix

Under the apple tree
you say,
I don't understand
this whole theory of gravity thing....



Guest Editorial: Mars Needs Children 

by Rosemary Claire Smith

Calling all parents: Has it occurred to you that you might be raising a Martian? I mean this in a good way. Perhaps I’d better explain.

Doubtless, you’ve come to appreciate that child rearing presents many challenges. We do what we can to help our offspring become physically healthy, intelligent, mentally stable, adaptable, creative, resilient, curious, kind, and well-educated adults. When the conversation turns to what they want to be when they grow up, some of the sons and daughters and grandchildren of Analog readers will exclaim, “astronaut!” READ MORE


The Alternate View: Why Does Matter Exist?

by John G. Cramer

In September 2016, a new result was announced that bears on the dominance of matter over antimatter in the Universe. But before discussing the discovery, I want to review what particle physics has to say about matter and antimatter. There are three types of fundamental particles in the Universe: leptons, quarks, and force-mediating bosons. The first two of these are fractional-spin fermions that can have the form of either matter or antimatter.  READ MORE


The Reference Library

by Don Sakers

When you ask those who don’t read SF what they think of the genre (and sometimes when you don’t ask), one thing that’s sure to come up is vocabulary. “Why do the names always have to be so weird?” they complain. “Where do they come up with these weird words?” “What’s a Slan? What does frell mean? Why can’t they just talk regular?” (These are people who routinely use Google and Uber, follow news of Kim Jong-un, and refer to dogs as “puppers,” but never mind that.) READ MORE


Upcoming Events

by Anthony Lewis

Check here for the latest conventions upcoming in July and August 2017! READ MORE


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