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NOTE: Membership rates and other details often change after we have gone to press. In addition, most conventions have age-based membership rates in advance and at the door. There also may be rates for single days. Check the websites for the most recent information.


17–19 February 2017
BOSKONE 54 (New England regional SF conference) at Boston Westin Waterfront Hotel, Boston MA. Guest of Honor: Brandon Sanderson, Official Artist: Dave Seeley, Special Guest: Maryelizabeth Yturralde, Featured Filkers: The Fabulous Lorraine & Lojo Russo, Science Speaker: Milton, NESFA Press Guest: Ken MacLeod. Info: www.boskone.org; info@boskone.org; PO Box 809, Framingham MA 01760.

24–26 February 2017
MYSTICON (Roanoke area SF conference) at Holiday Inn Tanglewood, Roanoke VA. Author Guests of Honor: David Weber and Joe R. Lansdale, Musical Guest of Honor: Bella Morte, MC: Rich Sigfrit. Info: mysticon-va.com.

3–5 March 2017
COASTCON 40 (Gulf Coast SF conference) at Biloxi, MS. Guests of Honor: Oded Fehr (media), Michael Coleman (media), Eric Flynt (author), Kevin Siembieda (gaming), Sean Patrick Fannon (Gaming), Pauline Grigsby (fan), John Grigsby (fan). Info: http://www.coastcon.org/.

3–5 March 2017
CONDOR 24 (San Diego area SF conference) at Four Points by Sheraton, San Diego, CA. Guests of Honor: Barbara Hambly, Vernor Vinge, Sherwood Smith, others. Info: http://www.condorcon.org/.

10–12 March 2017
HELIOSPHERE 2017 (NYC-area SF conference) at DoubleTree, Tarrytown, NY. Guests of Honor: Jacqueline Carey, David Gerrold, Danielle Ackley-MacPhail, Special Guest: Charles Gannon. Info: www.heliosphereny.org; webmaster@heliosphereny.org; 450 Lexington Avenue 3744, New York, NY 10163-3744.

22–26 March 2017
International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts (academic SF conference) at Orlando Airport Marriott Lakeside, Orlando, FL. Guests of Honor: Steven Erikson and N. K. Jemisin, Guest Scholar: Edward James, Special Guest Emeritus: Brian Aldiss. Info: http://www.fantastic-arts.org/.

31 March–2 April 2017
ALBACON 2017 (Albany area SF conference) at Best Western Albany Airport Inn, Albany, NY. Guests of Honor: Charles E. Gannon and Stephen Hickman. Info: http://www.albacon.org/2017/.

7–9 April 2017
LUNACON 2017 (NYC-area SF conference) at Westchester Marriott, Tarrytown, NY. Writer Guest of Honor Ben Bova, Artist Guest of Honor Bob Eggleton, Fan Guest of Honor Roberta Rogow, Musical Guests Boogie Knights, Special Guest Artist Marianne Plumridge. Info: http://2017.lunacon.org/; information@2017.lunacon.org; PO Box 3137, New York, NY 10163-3137.

13–16 April 2017
NORWESCON 40 (Pacific Northwest SF conference) at DoubleTree by Seattle Airport, SeaTac, WA. Guests of Honor: Cory & Catska Ench (Artists), Ethan Siegel (Science), Nancy Kress (Toastmaster), and Angry Robot Books (Spotlight Publisher). Info: http://www.norwescon.org/; info@norwescon.org.

14–16 April 2017
MINICON 52 (Twin cities area SF conference) at DoubleTree Hotel, Bloomington, MN. Guests of Honor: Jim C. Hines (author), Brother Guy Consolmagno, S.J. (science), and Mark Oshiro (fan guest). Info: http://mnstf.org/minicon52/; PO Box 8297, Lake Street Station, Minneapolis MN 55408-0297.

28–30 April 2017
ODYSSEYCON 17 (Wisconsin SF conference) at Madison Radisson, Madison, WI. Guests of Honor: Christopher R. Mihm, Monica Valentinelli, Tad Williams. Info: http://www.odysseycon.org/.

28–30 April 2-17
RAVENCON 12 (Tidewater SF conference) at Doubletree by Hilton, Williamsburg, VA. Guests of Honor: Mercedes Lackey (author), Larry Dixon (artist), Chuck Gannon (Special Author), Ed Beard, Jr. (Special Returning Artist). Chris Addotta Smith (fan). Info: http://www.ravencon.com/.

9–13 August 2017
WORLDCON 75 (75th World Science Fiction Convention) at Messukeskus, the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre, Helsinki, Finland. Guests of Honor: John-Henri Holmberg, Nalo Hopkinson, Johanna Sinisalo, Claire Wendling, Walter Jon Williams. This is the SF universe’s annual get-together. Professionals and readers from all over the world will be in attendance. Talks, panels, films, fancy dress competition—the works. Nominate and vote for the Hugos. Info: http://www.worldcon.fi/; info@worldcon.fi.

Running a convention? If your convention has a telephone or fax number, e-mail address, or web page, please let us know so that we can publish this information. We must have your information in hand SIX months before the date of your convention.

Attending a convention? When calling conventions for information, do not call collect and do not call too late in the evening. It is best to include a S.A.S.E. when requesting information; include an International Reply Coupon if the convention is in a different country.

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