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...Adam-Troy Castro, Deborah L. Davitt, and others. THE RIVETS Practical resources for readers and writers, including the Analog Index, Writer’s Submission Guidelines, upcoming Science Fiction events, News, and more. Enough...

The Rivets

...relevant SF events for Analog readers and writers. Find it here. The past year’s annual index, listed alphabetically by author. Writers often really sweat over the details in their stories,...

Analytical Laboratory Awards Results

...the right category, as listed in the annual index. Sometimes a few votes are wasted by being cast in the wrong category, and those simply can’t be counted. Using our...

Alternate View

...fluctuations in refractive index that blur the focus. To avoid such effects, the FICD would optimally communicate in the shorter wavelength range between 100 micrometers (in the far infrared) to...
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