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Analytical Laboratory Finalists

We’re very excited to bring you the Analog Analytical Laboratory finalists. Available below are the works that finished in the top five slots for Best Novelette, Best Short Story, Best Fact Article, and Best Poem, and the those that finished in the top three for Best Novella and Best Cover. Although we won’t be announcing the winners until our July/August issue, finalists are listed below in alphabetical order by title. If you missed any pieces when they were first published in Analog, just click on the appropriate link below.

A big thanks goes to our readers for taking the time to vote and to our writers for allowing us to post their work. Enjoy these stories and remember to check out the 2024 issues of Analog—we’ll want to know your favorites when we compile the next AnLab results.

Congratulations to our 2023 Analytical Laboratory Finalists!


Flying Carpet, Rajnar Vajra, November/December 2023
Poison, Jay Werkheiser & Frank Wu, May/June 2023
The Elephant-Maker, Alec Nevala-Lee, January/February 2023
The Tinker and the Timestream, Carolyn Ives Gilman, March/April 2023
To Fight the Colossus, Adam-Troy Castro, July/August 2023


Apollo in Retrograde, Rosemary Claire Smith, November/December 2023
Didicosm, Greg Egan, July/August 2023
Recruit, Stephen L. Burns, July/August 2023
The Deviltree, Monalisa Foster, September/October 2023
The House on Infinity Street, Allen M. Steele, March/April 2023


An Infestation of Blue, Wendy N. Wagner, November/December 2023
Blowout, Wole Talabi, July/August 2023
Cornflower, Victoria Navarra, January/February 2023
Second Sight, Gray Rinehart, September/October 2023
The Echo of a Will, Marie Vibbert, January/February 2023


Astronautical Explanations for ‘Oumuamua, Duncan Lunan, May/June 2023
Dune and Superdune, Kevin Walsh, November/December 2023
Fish Kill on the Tanis, Richard A. Lovett, September/October 2023
Life, but not Quite as We Know It?, Christina de la Rocha, January/February 2023
The Passenger Pigeon and the Great Filter, Howard V. Hendrix, March/April 2023


How to Conquer GravityMary Turzillo, September/October 2023
I Dreamt an Alien Was in Love With my Ex-Girlfriend, Don Raymond, January/February 2023
Object Permanence,  Marissa Lingen, September/October 2023
The Observer, Bruce Boston, March/April 2023
What Xenologists Read, Mary Soon Lee, November/December 2023


January/February 2023
Tomislav Tikulin

May/June 2023
Eldar Zakirov

September/October 2023
Tomislav Tikulin

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