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Analytical Laboratory Finalists

We’re very excited to bring you the Analog Analytical Laboratory finalists. Available below are the works that finished in the top five slots for Best Novelette, Best Short Story, Best Fact Article, and Best Poem, and the those that finished in the top three for Best Novella and Best Cover. Although we won’t be announcing the winners until our July/August issue, finalists are listed below in alphabetical order by title. If you missed any pieces when they were first published in Analog, just click on the appropriate link below.

A big thanks goes to our readers for taking the time to vote and to our writers for allowing us to post their work. Enjoy these stories and remember to check out the 2023 issues of Analog—we’ll want to know your favorites when we compile the next AnLab results.

Congratulations to our 2022 Analytical Laboratory Finalists!


Burning the Ladder – Adam-Troy Castro (May/June 2022)
Communion – Jay Werkheiser & Frank Wu (January/February 2022)
Kingsbury 1944 – Michael Cassutt (September/October 2022)


Cloud Chaser – Tom Jolly (January/February 2022)
In Transit – J.T. Sharrah (March/April 2022)
Shepherd Moons – Jerry Oltion (September/October 2022)
The Journeyman: at the Bluffs of Sinjin Trell – Michael F. Flynn (March/April 2022)
The Power of Apollo (16) – Marianne J. Dyson (September/October 2022)


Aconie’s Bees – Jessica Reisman (May/June 2022)
Beneath the Surface, a Womb of Ice – Deborah L. Davitt (November/December 2022)
Boy in the Key of Forsaken – Eric Del Carlo (May/June 2022)
Maximum Efficiency – Holly Schofield (November/December 2022)
Sacred Cow – Larry Niven & Steven Barnes (November/December 2022)


Another Way to the Stars – Christopher MacLeod (November/December 2022)
Black Holes and the Human Future – Howard V. Hendrix (July/August 2022)
Evolving Brainy Brains Takes More than Living on a Lucky Planet – Christina De La Rocha (March/April 2022)
The Science Behind Kepler’s Laws – Jay Werkheiser (January/February 2022)
The Science Behind “The Power of Apollo (16)” – Marianna J. Dyson (September/October 2022)


Albert Einstein, Two Stills – Robert Frazier (September/October 2022)
Belter Cats – Mary Soon Lee (July/August 2022)
Constellation – Alex Pickens (May/June 2022)
In Perpetuity – Bruce Boston (July/August 2022)
The Libraries of Mars – Mary Soon Lee (March/April 2022)


January/February 2022
Eldar Zakirov

July/August 2022
Donato Giancola

November/December 2022
Maurizio Manzieri

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