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Welcome to Analog Science Fiction and Fact!

A lifelong appreciation of science fiction has led me to an incredibly fulfilling career with Analog, and I'm proud to carry on the magazine's long-standing tradition of publishing the world's finest science fiction and fact.

During my tenure at Analog, I've had the profound privilege of working with hundreds of authors, editors, TV producers, and many other notables in the science fiction field. As the editor of the longest-running SF publication in history, my personal mandate is to continue to provide the top-quality, ground-breaking hard science fiction that has characterized Analog since its launch. Welcome!

- Trevor Quachri


About the Editor

Trevor Quachri has been the Editor of the Hugo Award winning magazine, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, since 2012.

Prior to taking over the reins at Analog, Trevor's editorial skills were honed working with Stanley Schmidt (Analog Editor 1978-2012), Sheila Williams (Asimov's Science Fiction Editor 2004-present), and Gardner Dozois (Asimov's Editor 1986-2004). He brings to Analog a unique and reverent perspective on SF. In addition to his lifelong love of science fiction, Trevor draws upon his diverse past experiences – on Broadway, on special museum projects involving rigorous scientific data analysis, on collaboratively producing a pilot for a SF-based television show – to continue Analog's storied tradition of ground-breaking hard science fiction.

This Month's Guest Editorial

Canons to the Left, Canons to the Right  by James Gunn

Last summer I was contacted by the editor of Leading Edge, a 35-year-old student-run magazine at Brigham Young University specializing in science fiction and fantasy, about a series it was publishing on the creation of science-fiction canons. It reminded me of a conversation I had 45 years ago in Toronto. It was 1971 and the first full meeting of the newly formed Science Fiction Research Association, and Phil Klass (an English professor at Penn State University but William Tenn to his SF readers) was standing next to me in a York Hotel late evening gathering and said, “Jim, we need to establish a canon. If we don’t, someone else will.”


From the October issue: 
Former Analog editor-in-chief Stanley Schmidt discusses life mimicking art and the past repeating in this sharp editorial that examines the current electoral climate.

Haunting Echoes by Stanley Schmidt
Back when “political correctness” began to be a plague upon our land, I often complained1 about the ridiculous extremes to which it was often carried. When parents received Official Lists of Halloween costumes their kids shouldn’t wear because they might offend somebody, when everybody was inundated with lists of words to avoid for the same reason, and logic was often stretched to the breaking point to justify accusations of sexism or racism, I feared that soon everybody would become afraid to say or do anything



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