Quantum Entanglement

by Fred D. White

In the quantum cosmos, particles entangle
regardless of their distances apart;

it could well be that both particles
are actually the same particle,

variations of one another,
self as other; other as self,

in two places at the same time—
maybe in an infinity of places at the same time—

which brings me to the matter
of procreation, or rather, the matter-energy

of procreation, whereby B1 + B2 = E,
where the lover (B1) in rapturous embrace

with the beloved (B2) , yields energy (E)
of such stupendous force,

that the spacetime tapestry splits open
and again we are born. 

Copyright © 2017 by Fred D. White


Featured Poet of the Month  Fred D. White

A professor emeritus of English from Santa Clara University, Fred White enjoys writing across the spectrum of genres. He especially enjoys writing speculative poetry and fiction, searching for new ways to highlight the human dimensions of even exotic scientific concepts like quantum entanglement. Fred’s recent publications include poetry in Event Horizon, The Cape Rock, and Euphony; fiction in Aphelion, Every Day Fiction, and Five 2 One; and nonfiction in Gemini, Southwest Review, and Writer’s Digest. His books include The Writer’s Idea Thesaurus and the forthcoming Writing Flash Fiction. He lives near Sacramento, CA.