by Allina Nunley

He met her in a rugged landscape
so unlike the one he’d grown up in.
For all its variety, his home was a place of reliable patterns,
evidence of an evolution that had developed like nowhere else.

His ancestors had lived and died within five miles of home,
but horses, trains, airplanes, and ships
had shortened the distances.
The advances blurred in his head,
one paragraph for five hundred years.

He pointed out his home
as they gazed at the stars together
and longed for an era of more mystery,
where they didn’t know anything
and everything was for explorers.

But they didn’t mean it,
because they wouldn’t be lovers
if it wasn’t for the highways, and railroads,
and the space stations that littered the Universe.

Copyright © 2017 by Allina Nunley

Poet_AllinaNunley_75x105Featured Poet of the Month Allina Nunley
 Allina Nunley is a writer and teacher based in Southern California. Her work has been featured in publications like Daily Science Fiction and The Colored Lens. Allina is deeply captivated by big questions about the future of technology and the human species. She uses the medium of sci-fi storytelling to explore these possible futures and play out scenarios. Exploring these themes in writing gives her the opportunity to pre-visualize these fast-approaching futures and poke about for the flaws and opportunities presented by major change. Allina loves to dream, write, and teach students to think a little bigger.

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