by Daniel D. Villani

It is hypothesized
That somewhere within meters1010 28
Of where we live and breathe
Lie all possible forms of the universe1

It is hypothesized
That within these multiverses
are beings indistinguishable from you and me.

It is hypothesized
That everything that could possibly happen
Between a You and a Me
Has happened somewhere in these multiverses.

I assert
Without fear of refutation
That nowhere in any of these multiverses
Can be found a Me,
Who has encountered a You
And not loved her.


1 “Parallel Universes,” Max Tegmark, Scientific American, May 2003

Copyright © 2017 by Daniel D. Villani

Daniel_Villani75x105Featured Poet of the Month Daniel D. Villani
Dr. Villani's daytime gig, from the '70s up until his 2012 retirement, was mission operations, testing, and control of unmanned spacecraft, supporting missions to Venus, Jupiter, the Moon, the International Space Station, and multiple locations in Medium and Geosynchronous Earth Orbit. His immersion in this technical culture, intersecting with 49 years of marriage to the love of his life, led to what may be the nerdiest love poem in the Universe. He has other projects in the pipeline that he hopes will be equally unique, although probably not as romantic.

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