In Memoriam - Don Sakers


Don Sakers, Analog’s ongoing Reference Librarian since 2009, passed away on May 17, 2021.

Don was an author, an editor, a book reviewer, a frequent convention panelist, and a long-time member of fandom, who wrote several novels.

In addition to his much-loved Reference Library columns, Don published eight short stories with Analog—his first was “Escape Velocity” in 1982, and his most recent was “Double Exposure” in 2015.

Don’s columns were admired; expansive and wide-ranging, they often provided a full picture of the context in which a given novel stood. He took his role as curator seriously, working hard to consider the reader and what would appeal to an Analog audience. Especially well-liked were his annual holiday columns and gifting recommendations.

In his day-to-day job as an actual librarian, Don took great joy in guiding children to books and making a difference in their lives. He saw firsthand the power literature has in serving and supporting a community.

Don was a beloved part of the Analog family, and he will be sorely missed.