Congratulations to all the winners

Suzanne Palmer’s story, “Shatterdown,” (June 2015) received 2nd place for the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award for Best Short Science Fiction; awards were presented Friday, June 12, during the annual Campbell Conference held at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. 

Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine Readers’ Awards were announced Saturday, June 6, in Chicago, IL:

Best Novella: “The Legion of Tomorrow” by Allen M. Steele (July 2014)

Best Novelette: “The Common Good” by Nancy Kress (January 2014)

Best Short Story: “The Plantimal” by Mike Resnick & Ken Liu (March 2014)

Best Poem: “In the Quiet Hour” by Bruce Boston (April/May 2014)

Best Cover: June 2014 (Maurizio Manzieri)

Ken Liu and Nancy Kress attended our breakfast celebration in a private dining room of the Lockwood Restaurant. Other guests included Connie Willis, Stanley Schmidt, Daryl Gregory, Ed Lerner, and Jack Skillingstead.