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Our June 2013 issue

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Just as a number of elements may one day become rare enough on Earth to cause us to go through considerable effort to obtain them from space, there are also substances we take for granted here on
Earth that are terribly valuable off-planet and require no lesser amount of ingenuity to procure. Our lead story in June involves just such a material, but it’s probably not one you’ll guess.

Our fact article deals with a particularly Earth-bound phenomenon: tsunamis, and what sorts of contributing conditions might help us predict where they’ll strike next.

We have short fiction from newcomers like Maggie Clark’s “Hydroponics 101” and K.S. Patterson’s “In the Green,” as well as from veteran authors, including Jack McDevitt’s “Glitch,” David D. Levine’s “Wavefronts of History and Memory,” and Linda Nagata’s “Out in the Dark,” a sequel to her acclaimed “Nahiku West” (October 2012).

We’ll also have a Special Feature by Jeff Mitchell, about what it’s like to work on the Space Shuttle, as well as part III of Edward M. Lerner’s serial, Dark Secret.

Chosen for the library on the International Space Station.

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Analog accepts---and prefers---submissions in electronic form. Electronic submissions will be accepted through http://analog.magazinesubmissions.com, where full instructions can be found. Please note that while we welcome electronic submissions, they must be made through the designated website, and not as attachments to regular e-mail.
If you have a print copy of your story currently under consideration, please do not resubmit the story electronically. I will respond to those stories via the traditional SASE.

Trevor Quachri, Editor

Nano-Suit Up!
R.J. Carey

Welcome to New York City, 2047—a landscape of decaying urban structures within a tropical rainforest. Sound like a fun place to stalk and kill vicious genocidal aliens or an evil corporation’s combat units? Then you’re in luck! In Crysis 3, you traverse this environment, called “The Liberty Dome,” as Laurence Barnes, the wearer of a high-tech nanosuit whose call sign is Prophet.
Review of Crysis 3
Interview with Crysis 3 writer, Steven Hall

A Cup of Dirt
By Mark Niemann-Ross
Art by vincent DiFate

Dirt is what you track into the space station. Soil is what you grow things in.

Enzo and Dmitry sat in the galley of the space station unencumbered by EVA suits, eating dinner and appreciating being able to scratch their faces. Olya Sidorova, the older, taller, and blonder of the much-lusted-after Sidorova sisters tried to eat between interruptions from the kitchen. Three plates held construction-worker sized quantities of spaghetti with tomatoes from the hydroponic gardens.
The galley was small, so it was logical for Olya to be sitting close to Dmitry. Close enough that her blonde hair stuck to the static electricity of his sweater.

“Izvinite,” Olya said. She reached across Dmitry’s plate for a napkin.

She could have retrieved a napkin from the dispenser behind her, but instead invaded his personal space, flashing a smile. Olya’s smile had caused several rocket scientists to lose concentration. Dmitry blushed and focused on his spaghetti.

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The Alternate View by John G. Cramer
On the Sucking Out of Inertia

The Reference Library by Don Sakers
Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis
Every month, Anthony keeps you up to date on what's going on in the world of science fiction

The Science Behind the Story: The View from the Top
by Jerry Oltion

The Science Behind the Story: A Sound Basis of Misunderstanding
by Carl Frederick

The Science Behind the Story: To Climb A Flat Mountain
by G. David Nordley

The Science Behind the Story: Cavernauts
by David Bartell

The Science Behind the Story: InterstellarNet
by Edward M. Lerner

Archive The Science Behind the Story

Analog Story Wins Highest Japanese SF Award

Arthur C. Clarke Obituary

Paul Levinson interviews Stanley Schmidt

Dark Secret, part III of IV by Edward M. Lerner

A Cup of Dirt by Mark Niemann-Ross

In the Green by K.S. Patterson
Wavefronts of History and Memory by David D. Levine
Hydroponics by Maggie Clark
Out In the Dark
by Linda Nagata

PRobability Zero
Glitch by Jack McDevitt

Waves of the Future: Where Will the Next Tsunami Strike? by Richard A. Lovett

Special feature
Working on the Space Shuttle by Jeff Mitchell

Guest Editorial: Gem Hunting by Jamie Todd Rubin
In Times to Come
The Alternate View by Jeffery D. Kooistra
he Reference Library by Don Sakers
Brass Tacks
Upcoming Events
by Anthony Lewis

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