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Our July/August double issue takes full advantage of its extra spaciousness to bring you an extra-wide variety of fiction, fact, and special features. Kristine Kathryn Rusch leads off with another novella in her “Retrieval Artist” series, though this one is “off to the side” of what you’ve seen before, focusing not on a Retrieval Artist but on something new and different. Richard A. Lovett appears twice, with a novelette, “Jak and the Beanstalk,” bringing a decidedly novel twist to an idea familiar to SF readers if not the general public; and another article in his popular series about fiction writing, this one dealing with narrative voice. James Gunn, an important force in getting science fiction some respect outside its “ghetto,” has another special feature examining a science-fictional view of our digital future.
We have not one, but two science fact articles: one by C. W. Johnson on the fascinating physics up to string theory (and what may lay beyond), and one by astronomer Kevin Walsh on the unlikely-sounding subject of why Proxima Centauri may not be the nearest star after all.
Plus all our usual columns, still more stories by writers including Kyle Kirkland, Scott William Carter, and Ernest Hogan—and, last but far from least, Part 2 of Edward M. Lerner’s serial Energized.

Congratulations to our Hugo Award nominees

Best Novelette
Eight Miles by Sean McMullen
That Leviathan, Whom Thou Hast Made by Eric James Stone

Analog is Up In Space!
Chosen for the library on the International Space Station.

"phantom sense" by Richard A. Lovett & Mark Niemann-Ross

Iíve never understood how it could be stalking if all youíre trying to do is keep her safe. I just want to be a good father. Make up for all those years of being AWOL because CI-MEMS is a full-time job. You canít be a father and CI-MEMS. That is, you can be one...
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As of 11 AM Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, February 22, Analog will accept--and prefer--submissions in electronic form. Electronic submissions will be accepted through http://analog.magazinesubmissions.com, where full instructions can be found.

Please note that while we welcome electronic submissions, they must be made through the designated website, and not as attachments to regular e-mail.

If you have a print copy of your story currently under consideration, please do not resubmit the story electronically. I will respond to those stories via the traditional SASE.

We look forward to getting the new system rolling, and hope it will make things easier for all of us.

Stanley Schmidt

Coordinated Attacks
by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

People have to consider the consequences of their actions—but it’s impossible to consider all of the consequences.

Four Years Ago
Bartholomew Nyquist parked his aircar in one of the hoverlots at the end of the neighborhood. The Dome was dark this morning, even though someone should have started the Dome Daylight program. Maybe they had, deciding that Armstrong was in for a “cloudy” day—terminology he never entirely understood, given that the Moon had no clouds and most people who lived here had been born on the Moon and had never seen a cloud in their entire lives.
He grabbed his laser pistol from the passenger seat, where he always kept it when he was traveling. He tucked the gun into his shoulder holster, hidden under his already rumpled suit coat, and got out of the car.
The neighborhood looked even darker than it should have, sprawled below him like something out of those Christmas Dickens plays his ex-wife loved so much. All it needed was some sooty smoke coming out of chimneys above each house to be authentically dreary.

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The Alternate View
by John G. Cramer

The Deficiency of Black Holes at the LHC

The Reference Library
by Don Sakers

Upcoming Events
by Anthony Lewis
Every month, Anthony keeps you up to date on what's going on in the world of science fiction.

The Science Behind the Story: The View from the Top
by Jerry Oltion

The Science Behind the Story: A Sound Basis of Misunderstanding
by Carl Frederick

The Science Behind the Story: To Climb A Flat Mountain
by G. David Nordley

The Science Behind the Story: Cavernauts
by David Bartell

The Science Behind the Story: InterstellarNet
by Edward M. Lerner

Archive The Science Behind the Story

Analog Story Wins Highest Japanese SF Award

Arthur C. Clarke Obituary

Paul Levinson interviews Stanley Schmidt


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Energized, part II of IV
by Edward M. Lerner

Coordinated Attacks
by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Jak and the Beanstalk
by Richard A. Lovett

One Out of Many
by Kyle Kirkland

A Witness to All That Was
by Scott William Carter

Death and Dancing in New Las Vegas
by Ernest Hogan

Before You Get to String Theory
by C. W. Johnson

So Long, Proxima Centauri
by Kevin Walsh

More Than Plot and Character: The Story-Telling Secrets of Narrative Voice
by Richard A. Lovett

Science Fiction Imagines the Digital Future
by James Gunn

. . . Plus C'est la Même Chose
by Arlan Andrews, Sr.

The Editor's Page

Analytical Laboratory Results

The Alternate View
by John G. Cramer

The Reference Library
by Don Sakers

Brass Tacks

In Times to Come

Upcoming Events
by Anthony Lewis

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