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OUR June 2010 ISSUE

Vincent Di Fate’s cover for our June issue illustrates “The Anunnaki Legacy,” a far-ranging adventure by relative newcomer Bond Elam. What do you do if you’re a long way into a quest so big, for a goal based on evidence so tenuous, that you don’t even know whether the agencies supporting you still really do? And what if you then find that what you were looking for is not what you thought it was, but something even stranger? Then your response can’t be what you thought it would be. . . .
Linguist Henry Honken is back with another article about an aspect of human linguistics that’s likely to stretch your thinking about what alien—and even future human—languages might be like. It’s called “Der Mann, Die Frau, Das Kind,” and if you think your high school classes in German or Latin gave you a good idea of what gender means in linguistics, think again—they probably just scratched the surface!
And, of course, we have a diverse array of stories by such writers as Jerry Oltion (with Elton Elliott), Kyle Kirkland, Edward M. Lerner, and Michael F. Flynn

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The Anunnaki
by Bond Elam

Travelers in distress need help—and they need to consider all the options about how to get it. . . .

You have nothing to say about it!” Superintendent Cantrell snarled. “When my ships get here, we’re going to start digging whether you like it or not, you got me?” He glared across the conference room table at Liz, his lips a bloodless smear through the gray stubble bristling from his chin.

Ensign Elizabeth McBride’s eyes narrowed to burning green slits. She would have liked nothing better than to grab the superintendent by his scrawny chicken’s neck and shake him within an inch of his miserable life. But newly commissioned science officers didn’t grab mining superintendents by the neck. No matter how much shaking they needed. Not on their first missions, they didn’t. Not if they ever wanted a second.
“Advocate Lassiter,” she said, turning to the balding, heavily jowled man who sat patiently listening to them from the head of the table. “I fully appreciate the superintendent’s concerns, but this is our first chance to pick up the Anunnaki’s trail in more than a generation. We need time on the surface. Time to explore and gather data. Once the superintendent’s ships start cutting away Slag’s core, any artifacts the Anunnaki left behind will be lost forever.”

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The Alternate View
by Jeffrey D. Kooistra

Two birds with one stone

The Reference Library
by Don Sakers
Reviews of books by Jack McDevitt and Ben Bova among others.

Upcoming Events
by Anthony Lewis
Every month, Anthony keeps you up to date on what's going on in the world of science fiction.

The Science Behind the Story: A Sound Basis of Misunderstanding
by Carl Frederick

The Science Behind the Story: To Climb A Flat Mountain
by G. David Nordley

The Science Behind the Story: Cavernauts
by David Bartell

The Science Behind the Story: InterstellarNet
by Edward M. Lerner

The Science Behind the Story: The Black Hole Project: Kremer's Limit, The Small Pond, Imperfect Gods, Loki's Realm, and Vertex
by C. Sanford Lowe & G. David Nordley

The Science Behind the Story: The Teller of Time
by Carl Frederick

The Science Behind the Story: Sun of Suns
by Karl Schroeder

The Science Behind the Story: The Science of Old Earth
by Stephen Baxter

The Science Behind the Story: Lighthouse
by Michael Shara

The Science Behind the Story: The Skeekit-Woogle Test
by Carl Frederick

The Science Behind the Story: The Speed of Understanding
by Susan Urbanek Linville

The Science Behind the Story
by Carl Frederick

Analog Story Wins Highest Japanese SF Award

Arthur C. Clarke Obituary

Paul Levinson interviews Stanley Schmidt

Jayge Carr Obituary

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Page Turner
by Rajnar Vajra

Hanging By A Thread
by Lee Goodloe

The Day the Music Died
by H. G. Stratmann

Farallon Woman
by Walter L. Kleine


by David W. Goldman

Fishing Hole
by Rick Cook

Teaching the Pig to Sing
by David D. Levine


Robots Don’t Leave Scars:
by Stella Fitzgibbons, MD

Quark Soup
by Bond Elam

Skippy the Robot
by David Livingstone Clink


The Editor's Page

In Times to Come

The Alternate View

by Jonh G. Cramer


by DAVID W. GOLDMAN, Richard A. Lovett

The Reference Library

by Don Sakers

Brass Tacks

Upcoming Events

by Anthony Lewis

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