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The first thing you’ll notice about our December issue is a new look, but don’t worry: what’s inside is the same magazine you look forward to each month. Like everyone else these days, we’ve had to look at ways to deal with the rapidly rising costs of production and distribution. Our choices boiled down to two: a new format with fewer but bigger pages, allowing us to offer very close to the same amount of content while producing it more economically; or a substantial increase in subscription and single-issue prices. Understanding that you, too, are probably having to economize, we chose the new format. We’ll make every effort to keep the “new” Analog as you like it, and as always welcome your suggestions on how to do it even better.

Our first offering in the new package features the usual diverse package of stories, including novelettes by David Bartell and Joe Schembrie (at least one of which could be construed as appropriate to the season) and Part 2 of Robert J. Sawyer’s new novel Wake. Richard A. Lovett’s fact article, “Green Nanotechnology,” is exactly what the title suggests: a look at some of the ways the rapidly expanding field of nanotechnology can be applied, quite soon, to solving pressing environmental problems. Overall, we think it’s an issue you’ll thoroughly enjoy, new look and all.

Analog Story Wins Highest Japanese SF Award

Nebula Winner:Best Novel
Camouflage by Joe Haldeman

Arthur C. Clarke Obituary

Paul Levinson interviews Stanley Schmidt

Jayge Carr Obituary

The Science Behind the Story: InterstellarNet
by Edward M. Lerner

The Science Behind the Story: Kremer's Limit
by C. Sanford Lowe & G. David Nordley

The Science Behind the Story: The Teller of Time
by Carl Frederick

The Science Behind the Story: Sun of Suns
by Karl Schroeder

The Science Behind the Story: The Science of Old Earth
by Stephen Baxter

The Science Behind the Story: Lighthouse
by Michael Shara

The Science Behind the Story: The Skeekit-Woogle Test
by Carl Frederick

The Science Behind the Story: The Speed of Understanding
by Susan Urbanek Linville

The Science Behind the Story
by Carl Frederick

The Alternate View
by John G. Cramer
Noise as a Quantum Signal

The Reference Library
by Tom Easton
Reviews of books by
Greg Bear, Monk and Nigel Ashland, James Patrick Kelly and Jack McDevitt, among others.

Upcoming Events
by Anthony Lewis
Every month, Anthony keeps you up to date on what's going on in the world of science fiction.

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Wake (part II of IV)
by Robert J. Sawyer

Misquoting the Star
by David Bartell

Moby Digital
by Joe Schembrie

Short Story
Where Away You Fall
by Alan Dean Foster

Science Fact
Green Nanotechnology
by Richard A. Lovett

Probability Zero
by Rick Norwood

Reader's Departments
The Editor's Page
In Times to Come
Biolog: David Bartell
by Richard A. Lovett
The Alternate View
by Jeffery D. Kooistra
The Reference Library by Tom Easton
Brass Tacks
pcoming Events by Anthony Lewis

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