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Robert J. Sawyer, as you’ve probably noticed by now, has a way of taking familiar ideas, looking at them from new angles and in greater depth than almost anybody before him, and tying them together to create extraordinarily fresh and thought-provoking stories. The latest example is his novel Rollback, which we’re serializing in four parts beginning in our next issue (October). We’ve all seen lots of stories about rejuvenation and lots of stories about the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, but how often have you thought about how the two might be connected? Well, consider these questions: Who could maintain interest in a very long, slow conversation long enough to go anywhere with it? What would be worth talking about under such conditions? If rejuvenation is very, very expensive, as it probably will be at least initially, what would motivate anybody to pay for it? What would it really be like—and what if it doesn’t work the same for everybody? Sawyer’s answers to those, and the many others they stir up, will guarantee you a thoroughly engaging story, and acquaintance with some of the most memorable people you’ll ever meet.

Richard A. Lovett’s fact article examines what we can learn from the devastating Sumatran earthquakes (you may know them better from their side effects, called tsunamis) of 2004-5. He also has a story in the issue, as do such notables as Ben Bova (a new tale of Sam Gunn) and Robert J. Howe (a quietly touching story of a different kind of alien contact, in which the aliens used to be us).

All of which makes for a solidly satisfying issue.  

Nebula Winner

Best Novel
Camouflage by Joe Haldeman

Rollback (part one of four)
by Robert J. Sawyer

How do you carry on a very long, very slow conversation? Not the way people usually assume…

The Science Behind the Story: InterstellarNet
by Edward M. Lerner

The Science Behind the Story: Kremer's Limit
by C. Sanford Lowe & G. David Nordley

The Science Behind the Story: The Teller of Time
by Carl Frederick

The Science Behind the Story: Sun of Suns
by Karl Schroeder

The Science Behind the Story: The Science of Old Earth
by Stephen Baxter

The Science Behind the Story: Lighthouse
by Michael Shara

The Science Behind the Story: The Skeekit-Woogle Test
by Carl Frederick

The Science Behind the Story: The Speed of Understanding
by Susan Urbanek Linville

The Science Behind the Story
by Carl Frederick

The Alternate View
by John G. Cramer
Can we travel in time?

The Reference Library
by Tom Easton
Reviews of books by
Jack McDevitt, John Moore, Jim Butcher, Josh Conviser, and Esther Friesner, among others.

Upcoming Events
by Anthony Lewis
Every month, Anthony keeps you up to date on what's going on in the world of science fiction.

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Rollback (Part I of IV)
by Robert J. Sawyer

Takes Two to Tangle
by Ben Bova

From Wayfield, From Malagasy
by Robert J. Howe

Short Stories
Rival of Mars
by David Walton

Nigerian Scam
by Richard A. Lovett

Science Fact
by Richard A. Lovett

Probability Zero
by Richard Thieme & Aaron Ximm

Reader's Departments
The Editor's Page
In Times to Come

The Alternate View
by John G. Cramer
The Reference Library by Tom Easton
Brass Tacks
pcoming Events by Anthony Lewis

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