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Our March 2005 issue features a mixed bag of stories light and dark, by authors old and new. A highlight, of course, is Part II of Jack Williamson’s The Stonehenge Gate, but we also introduce a promising newcomer or two, along with stories by more familiar names like James Glass and Carl Frederick. "Acts of Conscience," Shane Tourtellotte’s latest entry in his "First Impressions" series, raises the particularly intriguing dilemma: what if conscience itself can be chosen?

The prolific and popular Richard A. Lovett is back yet again, this time with nonfiction on "The Prehistory of Global Change." There is much consternation in the world today about the possibility that we’re on the brink of a worldwide climate shift. That may be, and it may be inconvenient–but don’t kid yourself that it’s new!

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Acts of Conscience
by Shane Tourtollette

Sticking to the principles is widely admired—but what if the most basic principles are themselves matters of choice?

The Science Behind the Story
by Carl Frederick
"The Science Behind the Story" is a new forum in which we invite writers to show off some of their "behind-the-scenes" work.

The Alternate View by John G. Cramer
John talks about the end of the universe.

The Reference Library by Tom Easton
Reviews of books by Jack McDevitt, Peter Watts, Frank M. Robinson, Eric Brown, and Eric Garcia, among others.

Upcoming Events by Anthony Lewis
Every month, Anthony keeps you up to date on what's going on in the world of science fiction.

All chats have been cancelled until further notice.

Our chats are co-sponsored with Asimov's, and SCIFI.COM and are moderated by Asimov's editor, Gardner Dozois.

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Preliminary Nebula
Ballot Stories

Time Ablaze: Michael A. Burstein
The Cookie Monster: Vernor Vinge

Short Stories

The Strange Redemption
of Sister Mary Ann:
Mike Moscoe
Shed Skin: Robert J. Sawyer
Aloha: Ken Wharton

The Stonehenge Gate
(part ll)

by Jack Williamson

Acts of Conscience
by Shane Tourtollette

Short Stories
Alphabet Angels
by Ekaterina Sedia and David Bartell
Dark Peril
by James C. Glass
General TSO's Chicken
by Carl Frederick

Science Fact
by Richard A. Lovette

Probability Zero
by Robert Cherrer

Reader's Departments
The Editor's Page
by Jay Kay Klien
In Times to Come
The Alternate View by John G. Cramer
The Reference Library by Tom Easton
The Analytical Library Ballot
Brass Tacks
Upcoming Events
by Anthony Lewis


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