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We open November/December with a story you may have been expecting in this issue: “Empress of Starlight” by G. David Nordley. When stars begin “disappearing,” a crew takes the long trip out to the Dyson sphere they suspect is causing it, but what they find is even bigger and more astounding than they imagined.

Our fact article then tackles the remote but very real possibility of a cataclysmic terrestrial asteroid impact, and what can be done to prevent it, in “Defending the Earth,” from Marianne J. Dyson.
And of course we’ll have a wide array of other stories, including an epic space opera with a very big idea, from Christopher McKitterick, “Ashes of Exploding Suns, Monuments to Dust”; a look at how daunting a seemingly-simple skill can be to learn for the inexperienced, from Joyce and Stanley Schmidt, in “Mixipoxi Learns to Drive”; a most unusual reality show contestant in “Pandora’s Pantry,” from Stephen L. Burns; “Hubstitute Creatures,” a new Hub story from Christopher L. Bennett; and plenty more, from Jerry Oltion, Rich Larson, Marissa Lingen, Cynthia Ward, Tom Jolly, C. Stuart Hardwick, and others, plus all of our regular outstanding columns and features.

Look for our November/December issue on sale at newsstands on October 23, 2018. Or subscribe to Analog Science Fiction & Fact in print or in a wide variety of digital formats.

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