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The May/June issue brings The Quantum Magician from Derek Künsken to a close. The heist of the millenium has only just begun, but the wheels have already started to come off: betrayed and hunted, things are about to become very dangerous for Bel and his crew. But is everything what it seems?

When a hidden vault filled with inexplicable artifacts is discovered in the Network, David, Nashira, and Rynyan must race a band of treasure hunters to claim its contents in our lead story, “Hubpoint of No Return,” from Christopher L. Bennett.

Time marches on, and we either find ways to march along or be trampled over, and perhaps not all of us are well-suited to both options, as we see in Wil McCarthy’s “The Last Biker Gang.”

Our fact article is on “Seeing Alien Tech,” from James and Dominic Benford, and then we turn our sensors inward, in “Monitoring Diseases From Space,” a guest Alternate View from Richard A. Lovett (in addition to our regular column from John Cramer).

We’ll also have an array of great stories from Sam J. Miller, Chuck Dixon, Ian Creasey, Alison Wilgus, Tim McDaniel, Marissa Lingen, William Ledbetter, Kate MacLeod, Robert Reed, Marie Vibbert, Evan Dicken, Stephen L. Burns, as well as all of our regular columns and departments.

Look for our May/June issue on sale at newsstands on April 24, 2018. Or subscribe to Analog Science Fiction & Fact in print or in a wide variety of digital formats.

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